News and information is constantly being thrown our way — election issues, global conflicts, fake news, real conspiracies, and everything related. It's overwhelming, and all but impossible to keep up with it all. Many just tune out.

While it may be convenient to turn off the noise, being uninformed exacts a price. Without a baseline understanding of critical events, and without some awareness of the agenda of policymakers, we give up our chance to participate in the way we choose. That would leave us at the mercy of it all.

Here at Newscoop, we analyze articles, TV and radio broadcasts, read tweets, and fact-check our politicians — so you don’t have to. Our core team of editors, and a network of journalists, contributors and users in many parts of the world, compile comprehensive summaries of what’s important, giving historical and political context, and connecting it all to the bigger public and global issues that affect real lives. At the same time, we provide space for opinions, commentary, and blog posts about news events that matter to you.

But there’s more. With each passing month, and sometimes each day, we discover just how much we accept by convention — just because it’s always been done that way, or because we’ve been told forever that that’s the way it is. It happens the world over, although different parts of the world accept different conventions and different “truths.” And the reported news often reflects those conventions.

Newscoop allows for change in news reporting. We invite our reporters and our bloggers to approach "conventional wisdom” as an oxymoron. To question what has always been accepted as fact. And to research deeply, connect the dots, and share underlying truths that have either been obscured or simply under-reported.

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