A “we are in this together” episode for mental soothing

In the beginning, everyone from ordinary citizens to the competent medical professionals were responsible for helping one another resolve the dilemma of this pandemic. “What is the best solution?” “How to minimize the number of infected individuals?” Such questions were the whole ball of wax that kept one’s mind busy. Hence, the impact of the coronavirus crisis on mental health and psychosocial stability was nowhere near the center of our thoughts.

However, after the many days of self-isolation, self-quarantine and social distancing, the emotional challenges are now under consideration, including personal attacks on Asian communities abroad.In fact, I experienced somewhat a situation of racism and xenophobia here in the Netherlands myself, which was undoubtedly off-mood. Though I managed to not give those narrow-minded individuals a look, since I am not what they were claiming I was.

This significance has also been recognized by the World Health Organization. In one of their latest reports on this matter, WHO wrote: “COVID-19 has and is likely to affect people from many countries, in many geographical locations. When referring to people with COVID-19, do not attach the disease to any particular ethnicity or nationality. Be empathetic to all those who are affected, in and from any country. People who are affected by COVID-19 have not done anything wrong, and they deserve our support, compassion and kindness.”

Indeed, social distancing, obliged to be away from your friends and your loved ones during this difficult time, is definitely not easy. Though, knowing that the act of us staying home affects positively the environment may hopefully be able to soothe your souls. Without reservation, we can say that the Covid-19 pandemic is the worst nightmare of humankind, a tragedy disturbing systematized regulations and unraveling overwhelmed hospitals and unemployment organisations with great speed. However, if anything, the short-term positive effects on environmental conditions for the time being play an essential role in reminding us that altering our personal consumption habits is a good thing.

Seeing on social networking sites the appearance of dolphins coming into surprisingly clear Venice canals, it was easy to believe that while the pandemic had urged people to stay inside, Mother Nature had “magically” recovered in our absence.

While this may sound like a sequence of “Mankind versus Nature, choose your fighter,” this is the misleading climate lesson to learn from this catastrophe.

We are inevitably in this together! Humans are part of nature, not isolated from it, and whatever we do that has a harmful effect on the environment will also hurt us eventually. What goes around comes around.

In this crisis, it has turned out to be more and more momentous to concentrate even more on our mental stability than on our physical health. Again, we are all in this together, and knowingly. So, take a deep breath, and follow a handful of good expert-recommended strategies to enhance both your mental and emotional well-being.

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