Agree to Disagree

As the presidential election is coming up in Indonesia, people are openly showing their support for their candidates. Our Facebook feeds, which used to be full of photos of birthday parties, dog pictures, and maybe some natural landscape pictures, are now full of hatred and offensive comments towards one another.

This is not the first time that my Facebook feeds are becoming more political, a few years ago when the election of the governor in Jakarta was happening, the same thing happened. But we have to put an end to this. Earlier this year, a news came from Gorontalo, where the remains of two people were actually removed from their graves because of different political views. [1] This incident might be used as a foundation why we need to learn more tolerance — not only for other religions, ethnicities and other groups, but also for political views.

We have to learn that, above all, there is this thing called humanity. And we also have to learn that everyone is unique, which includes their political views. There is something beyond this political contest. After we are done with this contestation, life will continue as it used to be before it started. Maybe some things change, but your neighbour will still be your neighbour, and your family members will still be your family members.

Great nations should allow people to share their values respectfully, without hurting one another. The differences are there so that we can use them to help each other — not so we can beat one another with them.


[1] Suhari, S. (2019). Political differences hound cousins beyond grave. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Mar. 2019]

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