Author: Aaron Aristotle (The Hague/Jakarta)

Understanding the US/Iran relationship

For the last couple of years, the Trump administration has been edging closer to war with Iran. This was especially true during the first few weeks of January 2020. On January 3rd, Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s top commander at the helm of Iran’s elite Quds Force. Although the… Read more »

America under a President Sanders: Challenges and Opportunities

Bernie Sanders has once again become a phenomenon in the U.S. presidential election. His unlikely rise in 2016 has contributed to what is still his very strong popularity at present. He has been running for president once again in 2020, this time against former VP Joe Biden in Biden’s third bid for the White House…. Read more »

The Coronavirus May Be Our Finest Hour

There is an urgency to the media changing its approach to the way in which it has covered the Coronavirus outbreak.  It can be said that all the public panic and anxiety (best exemplified by panic-buying in supermarkets) is the result of people being terrified by what they see in the media. We should instead… Read more »

Super Tuesday: Joe Biden’s Stunning Comeback

“We are very much alive!” exclaimed Joe Biden after his stunning victory that dominated the South Carolina primaries. Held just a couple of days before Super Tuesday, Biden desperately needed that victory in South Carolina, after his terrible showing in both New Hampshire and Iowa, and having finished a distant second in Nevada. Winning in… Read more »

2020 U.S. Election Coverage:
Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy

The 2020 US Presidential Election process is currently in full swing. We have already heard multiple Democratic debates, and we’ve had primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. From the three early primary states, one man is currently leading in both delegate counts and nationwide polling, and that is Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. His… Read more »

Kobe Bryant: A Personal Tribute

It is hard for me to write this article without shedding a tear. The news of Kobe Bryant’s death personally affected me. I was having a great Sunday evening with my friends, celebrating the Chinese New Year. As I was heading back home, CNN broke the horrible news. My childhood hero, Kobe Bryant, had died… Read more »

Proxy Warfare in the Middle East

As was the case with the Cold War between the US and the former Soviet Union, the cold war between Iran and Saudi Arabia has been waged through proxy conflicts. The late General Qasem Soleimani played a huge role in Iran’s support of Shia militants in Iraq, Hebollah in Lebanon, and the Houthis in Yemen… Read more »

Middle Eastern Cold War: the Sunni/Shia divide

For many years, Islam has dominated every aspect of Middle Eastern society and culture. It has also dominated the political discourse in the region. And it is an important lens through which to understand the seemingly never-ending tensions there. Islam has two major denominations: Sunni and Shia. The initial divide in Islam theology began over… Read more »

Qassem Soleimani:
the power of Iran’s shadowy general

Iran on Monday morning was a country in deep shock. Millions of Iranian citizens flocked to Tehran to pay their respects to the late Major General Qassem Soleimani, leader of the elite Iranian Quds force. The late general was killed in Baghdad last Friday, after a U.S. Reaper drone launched strikes into his convoy. Senior… Read more »

The Afghan War:
18 years of lies and other deceptions

In the midst of the current impeachment of the US President, the Washington Post has published an investigative piece about America’s war in Afghanistan. The article is entitled “At War with the Truth.” No words can describe the country’s continued involvement in Afghanistan since the early days of the 21st century. Officials believed at the… Read more »