Author: Aaron Aristotle (The Hague/Jakarta)

A Personal Take on the Assassination of JFK

I was headed home to Amsterdam from Los Angeles when I came across a daring decision. What do I want to watch on a 10 -hour flight? I was really not into watching fantasy or superhero movies. And, as Alec Baldwin’s character on The Hunt for Red October once said, “I can never sleep on… Read more »

U.S. and China: clashing visions for Asia-Pacific

The Shangri-La Dialogue has been Southeast Asia’s premier defense meeting for a decade now. The event hosted by the London-based International and Strategic Studies is the “track-one” platform for government officials to discuss regional dynamics in one of the world’s must-watch areas for the future. The Shangri-La Dialogue is the Munich Security Conference for Southeast… Read more »

Mueller’s report: smoking gun?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report into possible Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election has dominated Washington conversations since Mueller submitted his report to Attorney General William Barr in March 2019. Barr released his own summary of Muller’s report, which according to some members of the Mueller team, “failed to adequately portray the findings”… Read more »

Boeing, the FAA and Politicization of Aviation Safety

The United States is the cradle of modern aviation. It is where the world’s first flight with a powered, controlled and sustained aircraft was conducted by the Wright Brothers in 1903. It has given the aviation world many notable names — such as Charles Lindbergh, the first to fly in a transatlantic flight in 1927,… Read more »