Author: David Fadul (Boston, Massachusetts)

Ballot Initiatives: Progressives’ Secret Weapon?

On November 6th, 2018, Americans headed to the polls to vote in the first midterm election of the Donald Trump presidency. The major stories that came out of that election revolved around the takeover of the House of Representatives by Democrats, as well as the failure of multiple high-profile Democrats to win in states like… Read more »

The Long, Bumpy Road
to Kurdish Independence

On September 25, 2017, the Kurds of northern Iraq held a referendum on independence that was steeped in history. Though it was fiercely opposed by the Iraqi government, as well as by its neighbors Turkey and Iran, the Kurds went to the polls and voted overwhelmingly to separate themselves from Iraq. Just a month later,… Read more »

Opioid Crisis By Design

The opioid crisis was not accidental — it was manufactured. Years of national debates on the nature of pain, drug company payoffs, and coverups have allowed the epidemic to grow, flourish, and evade serious long-term solutions. Instead, communities are being devastated by deaths that affect people of every age, race and gender. This destructive and… Read more »

Alabama: Bellwether Primary

A Republican primary in Alabama on September 26th may have decided the fate of the Republican Party for years to come. In a state where Republicans control almost all state and local positions, and which voted overwhelmingly for Trump, two men with two vastly different ideas for the future of the party dueled for the… Read more »