Author: Elsa Ségalen (Santiago, Chile)

In Chile, protest clothes take to the streets

Signs are not the only way of communicating your protest message. Indeed, how about letting your outfit do the protesting? In Santiago de Chile, Urban Race Custom and Bandalic provide people with meaningful bandanas, T-shirts and denim jackets as potentially powerful demonstrating tools. Cristobal Hidalgo, “designer by essence” as he describes himself, has been painting… Read more »

An Overview of the Yellow Vests: Dusk or Dawn of the Movement?

Living in Thionville, a city close to the border with Luxembourg, Stéphane Buratti is one of the early Yellow Vests. In fact, since the movement began, he only missed four Saturdays of mobilization out of 34 — and he stresses the fact that those 4 were beyond his control. Thus, this security officer goes to… Read more »

What You Need To Get a Break

Have you ever dreamed of destroying your computer — the one that drives you mad when it comes to doing good work? Or the microwave that does not properly warm up your grated cheese? Or even this watch, which is more of a thingamajig that traps you than the magic thing they promised? Obviously, you… Read more »