Author: Heidi Venegas (San José, Costa Rica)

The humanism of Argentina’s new president,
Alberto Fernández

In a public discussion forum entitled “Culture, politics and late capitalism,” sponsored by Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero on November 1, 2019, Argentina’s new president Alberto Angel Fernández referred to an earlier article he had written, in which he discussed his personal reflections regarding mechanisms of social control. As he spoke, he revealed himself,… Read more »

Mon Laferte:
consummate artist with a message for the world

Mon Laferte is the singer-songwriter who protested with her body at the Latin Grammys ceremony on November 15. Her photo immediately hit the front cover of media around the world.  Laferte undressed to send a message to the world about human rights abuses in Chile. She wrote about her body as a field, a territory… Read more »

Respect for the Wiphala: solidarity with the indigenous of Bolivia

The amautas (“master” or “wise one” in Quechua) are guides in Andean spirituality and wisdom. They consider the Wiphala a symbol, not a flag. For them the Wiphala represents the earth goddess Pachamama. As well as the cosmos, the animals, the plants, stones, runes, and all life in harmony. So why did those in Bolivia… Read more »

Bolivian President Evo Morales forced from office

Indigenous communities in Bolivia are defending President Evo Morales after the police, the army, and wide public protests forced him to resign. They are not accepting his resignation. President Morales defied constitutional term limits in order to run for a fourth term in the October 20 elections. He won the election, which sparked wide protests, as… Read more »

Camila Vallejo, and the battle against individualism

Camila Vallejo, one of the strongest young leaders of the current protests in Chile, has done much to inform Chileans of what they deserve, and what they must fight for. Vallejo’s leadership has helped people to see a fuller picture of their society, their circumstances, and their nation.   Chile is a country hegemonized by the… Read more »

What’s happening in Chile right now

If I had to say something about the events right now in Chile, it would be this. First, there is a debate on ecological self-sustainability. The media have been reporting on the possible privatization of water, for example. There are serious problems of desertification, plus intensive mineral mining. The per capita index is 20,000 dollars,… Read more »

The Huetares of Costa Rica: teaching about
Mother Earth

These women live in a remote, largely unknown area near San José, Costa Rica, in the territory of Zapatón (cantón de Puriscal). They are the last surviving members of a cultural group called the Huetares. Many words from the Huetar language are part of modern-day Spanish spoken in Costa Rica. The women are working to… Read more »

Trouble in paradise

Costa Rica woke up today, Wednesday October 23rd, with riot police and a dramatic police cordon around National University in the city of Heredia. Although an agreement was signed yesterday by the rectors of public universities and the government, students continue to occupy some facilities, including the rectory building. The students, university employees in other… Read more »

Save Costa Rica’s Loma Salitral

The Loma Salitral in Costa Rica is a protected forest area of ​​507 hectares located in the middle of a densely populated area in the canton of Desamparados, a short distance south of the center of the capital of San José.  It currently suffers from great legal fragility and tremendous pressure from encroachment of the… Read more »

Costa Rica: protests against government tax measures intensify

The week has begun with protests and blockades in the main access roads to the country. On the night of Monday, July 1st, the government sent riot police to greet the demonstrators, after having declared its willingness to open dialogue with the protestors sectors and dismiss the minister of education. The neoliberal measures have provoked… Read more »

Strong earthquake shakes Central America

Last night, on June 25 at 11:23 p.m., a strong earthquake was felt in Costa Rica, with a magnitude of 6.3 on the international Richter scale. The epicenter was detected at the border between Costa Rica and Panama, 10 kilometers deep. Seven tremors have been recorded after the main quake. The population was alarmed, although… Read more »