Author: Iris Andradottir (London, UK)

Iris Andradottir is an International Journalism student at City, University of London. She has spent time living in the Netherlands, Egypt and various countries in the Arctic. Her interests of reporting include Middle Eastern politics, war and conflict in addition to cultural changes in Greenland and the Arctic.

New Wikileaks revelations: Icelandic fishing company involved in Namibian bribery scandal

The Icelandic fishing company Samherji bribed Namibian officials, using the Norwegian bank DNB and a tax haven to transfer 70 million USD between 2011 and 2018. This was revealed by 30,000 documents leaked to Wikileaks by Jóhannes Stéfansson, former managing director for Samherji in Namibia. It was the results of an investigation by the Icelandic… Read more »

Understanding the Protests in Lebanon

On October 17th, people in Lebanon took to the streets protesting years of governmental corruption and economic stagnation. The authority’s suggestion to impose monthly taxation on WhatsApp messages was the final straw for the Lebanese people. The underlying reasons, however, have been building up for decades. Economic reforms The youth unemployment rate in Lebanon is… Read more »

The Political and Military Mess in Syria Just Got Much Worse

Turkish forces are continuing their offensive in Northern Syria in spite of agreeing to a ceasefire. The offensive is part of what Erdogan now says is his plan to establish what he calls a 30km safe zone between Kurds in northeast Syria (known as “Rojava”) and Turkey. He also speaks of his intention to move… Read more »