Author: Julia Bondarenko (Chernihiv, Ukraine)

China’s social credit system is more complex
than most people realize

Interview with Qian Sun, an independent Chinese journalist living in Berlin. She is the author of an article: “China’s social credit system was due by 2020 but is far from ready”. Qian, you’re living in Germany. But do you still have citizenship in China?  Yes, I’m Chinese citizen, I live in Germany. I have a… Read more »

Economic risks posed by global heating

What is it and why is it happening? The heating of the planet inevitably leads to long term changes in overall climatic conditions and seasonal weather patterns. From 1880 to 2019, the average temperature on Earth rose 1 °C (1.9 °F). With apparent insignificance, this rate of change exceeds (outscores) any other time during the… Read more »

The US/China trade war: the threat it poses to the global economy

How it all began The trade war between China and the United States began on March 1, 2018, when Washington decided to increase the import tariffs on a number of countries, including China. Those tariffs included aluminum (10%) and steel (25%). A meeting of the presidents of the United States and China at the G20… Read more »

Bitcoin rollercoaster stabilizing —
so what comes next?

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin came into existence at a time when the global financial markets were trying to recover from the 2008 financial crisis. Lehman Brothers, ranked 4th among US banks, declared bankruptcy ($639 billion in assets and $619 billion in debt), thereby accelerating the financial crisis. After the market instability of 2008, the primary attraction… Read more »

Will Ukraine join the “Cannabis world”?

On May 15, a committee of the Supreme Council of Ukraine supported a draft law on legalization of medical cannabis. It was registered in the Supreme Council on May 20, under the number 10313.  This legislative process was sparked by a petition posted on the website of the Parliament of Ukraine last January, calling for… Read more »

Arson attack at Kyoto Studio:
Japanese anime turns to horror 

On Thursday, July 18, in Uji, Japan, a 41-year-old man broke into the Kyoto Animation Co., screaming “Die!” as he sprayed petrol on the floor. The fire that resulted started at 10:30 a.m. (Japanese local time), when 74 workers were in the studio. 33 people were killed and 35 sustained burns and other injuries. Most… Read more »

To be well-fed or happy: a painful choice for post-Soviet Jewish immigrants in Germany  

Since January 9, 1991, the “law on contingent refugees” adopted by the German government has allowed Jews from the post-Soviet space to move to a permanent place of residence in Germany. The conditions of the program are not particularly tough: immigrants need proof of Jewish origin and a language certificate at the A1 level. And… Read more »

Ukraine: a military Christmas

While people around the world are preparing to celebrate Christmas, Ukrainians have already received an unexpected gift under the Christmas tree — martial law. It was not coming from Santa, but everyone will have to accept it, as it’s been imposed  by the government. Мartial law was introduced in 10 regions of Ukraine, as voted… Read more »