Author: Luca Mazzacane (Rome, Italy)

Major EU breakthroughs in Covid treatment

These last few months have produced promising advances in treatments for Covid-19 — especially out of the EU. The large randomized, controlled RECOVERY trial (Randomised Evaluation of COVID-19 therapy) in the United Kingdom was launched in March to test a variety of potential treatments. On June 16th, those researchers announced that a common steroid, dexamethasone,… Read more »

“Next Generation” EU Recovery Fund: Success!

EU Recovery Fund

On the 21st of July,  European leaders finally reached an agreement on a €750 billion plan to rebuild the economies of member states most affected by the pandemic.  Basically, the “Next Generation EU” fund authorises the European Commission to borrow in the capital markets on behalf of the European Union. This was achieved after four… Read more »

American sports leagues lost
the game of human rights

What do Colin Kaepernick, Enes Kanter and Bubba Wallace — three professional athletes at the top of their game — have in common? Discrimination. How is it that sports, an activity that emphasizes the bond between players as so important to achieving victory, lost so badly in the game of human rights for all of… Read more »

Connecting the dots: climate change and the pandemic

With the emergence of the Coronavirus, highly restrictive measures had to be taken from the beginning of this year. In this case, China was the first nation in the world to impose social distancing, isolation and quarantine. The combination of these three measures has temporarily halted the life of the state and its citizens, interrupting… Read more »

The EU Recovery Fund: uniting and dividing Europe

Eu Recovery Fund

Demands from souverainists and anti-European movements have been suddenly silenced by the latest maneuver in Bruxelles. Still, this new proposal comes with some doubts as to its consistency, mechanism and benefits. And the geopolitical reset that resulted from the pandemic has also introduced new euro skeptics into the political arena. Let’s take a look…   On… Read more »

Understanding the US/Iran relationship

For the last couple of years, the Trump administration has been edging closer to war with Iran. This was especially true during the first few weeks of January 2020. On January 3rd, Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s top commander at the helm of Iran’s elite Quds Force. Although the… Read more »

The unpleasant guest arrives in Italy: prevention vs. alarmism

The new episodes of contagion in the Italian peninsula have alarmed the population, thanks to unclear media reports that served the purpose of shocking rather than informing. With the help of Dr. Stefano Rusconi, we’ll try here to clarify the nature of the virus, its spread, the WHO directives and those from Italian authorities. And… Read more »

Was Trump’s killing of Soleimani a “domestic political errand”?

On November 21, 2019, Fiona Hill, former senior director for European and Russian affairs on the National Security Council, spoke of those working closely with Donald Trump having been focused on “domestic political errands” for him. That phrase riveted the media and much of the general audience, and it’s a helpful lens for examining a… Read more »

Regional Elections in Italy

Calabria and Emilia-Romagna just renewed their regional governments, following the elections held last weekend. The results confirmed Emilia as a left-wing political stronghold. In addition, however, Calabria saw the rising of Berlusconi’s party “Forza Italia,” the new entry of Lega in the region, and the dismantling of the M5S. Emilia’s elections were also characterized by… Read more »

Hong Kong: holding China to “one country, two systems” (interview)

The issues playing out in Hong Kong right now are being watched around the world. But to what degree are they understood? With this question in hand, I had the opportunity recently to interview a citizen of Hong Kong. During our talk, I tried to clarify the true nature of the situation — from his… Read more »

Sardines came out of the sea: a new Italian reality

Following the recent elections, Italy adopted a new government that relegated the Lega Nord party of Matteo Salvini to opposition status in the government. During its term in power, Lega had major media and political relevance. Its shift to the opposition did not suppress support from the party and its supporters for topics such as… Read more »