Author: nishtiman awsman (Sulaimani, Kurdistan-Iraq)

Near-death at Mt. Sinjar

As we heard the gunshot sounds and woke up, I knew a terrible day was coming. It was a dark, hot summer night and there was no electricity. Therefore, people in my small, crowded village, located in the southeast of the city of Sinjar, were sleeping on the rooftops of their houses. My mother and… Read more »

Six years later, their photos still in hand…

The 3rd of August marks the anniversary of the Yezidi Genocide six years ago. Every year on this day since 2014, Yezidis remember their loved ones who were lost in the massacres that ISIS perpetrated on this community. Yezidis have thousands of stories and pains on this day. They wish that all the world would… Read more »

Are Turkish airstrikes on Sinjar just part of the Yazidi genocide, or is this Turkey’s new political tactic?

Last night was a tough night for Sinjar City and the Yazidi community that lives there. Turkish warplanes bombed the area with 40 airstrikes that caused injuries to 3 civilians who were working in their fields near the Sinjar Mountain.  According to the local people, four points were targeted, including Chilmeran where one of the… Read more »