Author: Sipa Kurda (Sulaimani, Kurdistan-Iraq)

The effect of Covid-19 on the
environment in Kurdistan

Covid-19’s impact on the environment in the Kurdistan region is increasingly evident. The impact of Covid-19 on hunting and deforestation Badria Shahab, who works with her husband as a farmer in Rawanduz stated that “before Covid-19 pandemic there were a couple of people who used to come to the forest every month and cut down… Read more »

The fight for education: after the Battle of Mosul

Primary school represents what may be the most important stage for students, preparing them with knowledge, skills and development for life. Mosul fell under the control of Islamic State (ISIS) back in 2014, and when Iraqi and Kurdish forces began operations for taking ISIS out of Mosul, many students weren’t able to attend school. That… Read more »

To be LGBTQ in Iraq

In the Iraqi region of Kurdistan, and in Iraq generally, LGBTQ people face “honor” killings and abuse from their parents. SULAIMANI, IRAQ- In the Kurdistan region of Iraq, parents used to kill or give away their LGBTQ children to the orphanage in order to protect what they saw as their family’s honor.  A young LGBTQ… Read more »