The long and often controversial administration of Donald Trump will soon come to an end. Donald Trump has been defeated in his re-election effort by Joe Biden.

At the time of writing, Trump managed to gain only 214 electoral votes, well behind the 270 needed to win the White House. Biden won after passing the 270 mark by winning the critical state of Pennsylvania. 

The manner in which Biden won the state of Pennsylvania reflects the importance of counting every vote. On election night, Biden trailed Trump in Pennsylvania by a huge margin. State officials began counting the mail-in ballots, despite efforts by the Trump administration to “stop the count.” Biden never wavered, kept his faith in the electoral process, and eventually managed to overtake Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania. In the end, it is Biden’s home state that propelled him to the White House. At the time of writing, Biden is also leading in Nevada and Arizona, with a slim lead in Georgia. Trump, naturally, is refusing to concede.

Biden’s victory represents what could possibly be the final chapter of his life dedicated to the betterment of everyday Americans. He sought the U.S. Presidency twice before, in 1987 and 2008. His quest for the presidency, which lasted thirty-two years, is a display of his faith and resilience. At a time in which Americans need hope, Biden is perfectly suited to be the leader who projects hope and optimism, despite the darkness that has recently come over America.

Joe Biden’s victory is a victory for American democracy, fragile and sacred as it is. While democracy can be twisted and manipulated by despots who mount the hobby horse of popularity, in the end it is the voice and action of everyday Americans that defeats division and hate. 

Biden’s character and his leadership will prove to be essential in guiding America out of the COVID crisis and into the new decade. His character is a reflection of America’s better angels — showing once again the willingness of the American people to fight for the soul of their America.