Bolivian President Evo Morales forced from office

Indigenous peoples of Bolivia take to the streets in defense of President Morales

Indigenous communities in Bolivia are defending President Evo Morales after the police, the army, and wide public protests forced him to resign. They are not accepting his resignation.

President Morales defied constitutional term limits in order to run for a fourth term in the October 20 elections. He won the election, which sparked wide protests, as the election was widely seen as fraudulent. After the public outcry, he called for new elections, but it was too late to quell the fierce protests calling for him to step down.

Weeks of violent clashes between Morales supporters and anti-Morales protestors followed.

Morales supports were in the streets en masse to support him

Morales is the first member of the indigenous community to have become president of Bolivia.  For a long time he enjoyed widespread popularity, particularly among the poor and indigenous peoples, for his efforts and accomplishments in mitigating poverty and racism in the country. But he also was seen as becoming increasingly authoritarian.

At 9:29 pm local time on Monday evening, President Morales tweeted that he has accepted asylum from Mexico, and is on his way.

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