“Catastrophic” tornadoes rip through Alabama

Multiple storms struck Alabama, Georgia, and Florida this past weekend, including a tornado that clocked in rat 165 miles an hour. At least 23 people were killed in Lee County, Alabama, and that number may well increase as the overwhelming amount of debris in the area continues to be cleared.

Over 150 people have been participating in search-and-rescue attempts, according to the New York Times. Homes have been destroyed, trees have been uprooted, and the overall damage is “catastrophic,” Alabama Sheriff Jay Jones told CNN. Thousands are without power.

Tornado activity has been increasing in the Midwest and Southeast states, and scientists are not certain why. In 2011, an alarming 230 people were killed in Alabama from tornadoes.  According to Eric Snitil, Alabama meteorologist, those 14 Lee County deaths are more than the total tornado-caused deaths in all of the U.S. in 2018.

Some are seeing it as another effect of climate change.

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