Costa Rica: protests against government tax measures intensify

The week has begun with protests and blockades in the main access roads to the country. On the night of Monday, July 1st, the government sent riot police to greet the demonstrators, after having declared its willingness to open dialogue with the protestors sectors and dismiss the minister of education.

The neoliberal measures have provoked protests and strikes. In fact, the longest strike in history was carried out last year by the national magisterium, who asked for a dialogue with the government. And they are still protesting, demanding to be heard.

There are four sectors staging protests throughout the country and blocking roads, concentrated not only in the capital. Farmers, transporters, educators, taxi drivers, and some other social actors have declared their intention to join the protests this week.

The unions and civil society have announced this morning that they will continue protesting. They are asking the government to listen to them at a multi-sector dialogue table. They have called the Catholic Church to assist with mediation.

It is worth remembering that Costa Rica is recognized as one of the first countries to eliminate its army.

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