Death toll from Cyclone Idai climbing in southeastern Africa

When tropical Cyclone Idai made landfall last Thursday/Friday, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi were clobbered.  Mozambique got it the worst, with 1.7 million people directly in the storm’s path. 920,000 in Malawi and 15,000 in Zimbabwe were also affected.  
Roads are flooded or destroyed, communication has been cut, and airports are closed. The rains are still coming, the waters are still rising, and tens of thousands of people are still missing. Hundreds of thousand are in dire need of food, water, medicine and evacuation, and the Red Cross is estimating that the death toll could climb well over a thousand. 
Cyclone Idai is thought to be the worst storm disaster ever to hit the southern hemisphere.
To the question as to whether global warming is at all responsible, scientists are saying “yes.” With the temperature of the air and waters rising, there is more moisture in the atmosphere for storms. Cyclones and hurricanes are expected to produce much more rainfall. 

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