Earthquake in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

The 7.4Mw earthquake with a depth of 10 km shook the province of Central Sulawesi. A 6 meter tsunami also destroyed all affected areas, precisely in Palu City and Donggala Regency on Friday (28/9).

After the earthquake the region experienced a phenomenon of soil liquefaction. It is namely the movement of the soil due to the loss of the strength of the sand soil layer in the region. This liquefaction occurs because of the sand soil layer, and is not a loose rock soil. This resulted in everything on the ground running, moving  from the place even some were ‘swallow’ by mud.

Until now, aftershocks was occuring 327 times with 1,347 are confirm dead. But the rescue team was still evacuating the victims of the earthquake and tsunami under the rubble of the building and also who were “suck” by mud.

In addition, food supply and other needs are still a priority for giving  to earthquake victims. Even so, the shipping process was slightly hampered. It is due to the cut off of land infrastructure, which became the main route for vehicles to enter the affected area.

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