Home doesn’t feel like home anymore

I’m scared. I’m afraid of many things; some are little things like spiders, bees. While others are big ones like losing my family or being in a plane crash. However, the one thing that scares me the most at the current time is the future of Europe.

Since the election of Trump in America and the Brexit referendum in the UK, I feel as if the future of Europe is looking very bleak for foreigners like me. I was born in Nigeria. However, I grew up here in Europe. So I have grown to see it as home, and thus the thought of the far right gaining even more power in politics this year is frightening.

My fears have grown after seeing the article by NewStatesman.com which explains that on 23rd May, Europe will be electing 705 representatives who will be representing 450 million people. But that with the far right growing stronger in most of these countries, we could see a majority of those representatives coming from the far-right parties.

When I look at all these events, I wonder how the world became so hateful and corrupt. Then I remember that this isn’t something that happened instantly. It’s something that has been years in the works, achieved through the abuse of minority groups and the demonization of our people by the media.

I think that what we as people need to do is look at the bigger picture and realise that we are all equal. We all represent humanity and I don’t think we should continue to degrade our fellow human being. The only way for us to fight this growing hatred we are facing is by having conversations with each other. This will help us understand what it is we fear about the other races, and to progress from there.

We need to remember history, and not repeat the same mistakes.


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Sirma Boyanova
Sirma Boyanova

Although I agree that far-right domination in parliament could have many negative outcomes, I would also like to hear about the far-left threat, which people tend to ignore. Due to the far-left actors attempts to (successfully, to some extent) disguise themselves as legitimate SJW’s, a lot of people tend to turn a blind eye on the fact that they impose a lot of contradictions. For example, they take the position against hatred, but at the same time they spread so much hate towards people with different point of view than their own, which results in cencorship in media, but most… Read more »