Hope for the Homeless

Homelessness is a struggle in every country.  Many things can cause people to become homeless, such as unemployment, family problems, and drug addiction.  My interview with Elly from the Straat Consulaat supported my assumption that anyone can find themselves going down a path that could leave them homeless.

With the problem so prevalent in cities and towns across the world, it can become all too easy for us to ignore the same faces we see every day on the streets.

Elly highlights the problem in our society, which has the rich getting much richer, and the poor getting poorer. Today, we can see that people are driven far too much by work and money to see the homelessness around them. This needs to change.

It’s unfair to see young people like Botan, an 18-year-old, being dealt such a harsh start in life that sees him struggling to eat. The fact that he and his friends have to go to a soup bus to survive is not right at all; something must be done so that young people like this are removed from this situation. We as a society should not leave the work for change up to the government; we should also do something to solve the situation ourselves. We can raise awareness, give food to the needy when we see them on the streets, and provide them with clothes to keep them warm.

However, until we as a society start helping, organisations such as Straat Consulaat have taken it upon themselves to raise awareness by talking to politicians, and to inspire homeless people to become more productive citizens. As a result of organisations like those, I can say that there is hope for the homeless.

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