How Uber for X Acts as a Huge Trend for Startups in 2021

Globally, the major economy was covered by the transport sectors and on-demand service booking sectors running via Uber-like apps. They re-shaped the entire market with technology integration to boost up the bookings and reach out to the customers/shoppers directly in a short span of time.

The successful part of Uber encouraged the other firms to adopt the on-demand service booking application platforms in the marketplace. To improve the customer’s loyalty and experience of booking/shopping, the widespread usage of uber for X is a necessary one.

Uber for X is a multi-service business model of Uber that acts as a two-side marketplace that includes both the service seekers and service providers. This Uber for X comes up with the new concept to build and develop various on-demand services that enable the customer’s service request at any time from anywhere.

The flexibility of the Uber for X services has tremendously become a new trend changer in the market for entrepreneurs. Today, many startups are running with the help of Uber for X business model. Here, I have listed a few of the top Uber for X services that are becoming quite popular in 2021 as follows.

Uber for Laundry 

Not everyone owns a washing machine and dryer in the home. Most of the working people aren’t able to find time to wash their clothes due to their heavy work schedules. But, it is necessary to keep our clothes neat and clean. This brought the demand for Uber for Laundry in the market. Global survey has shown the revenue growth of the laundry and drycleaning service of 33% high by the end of 2023. 

As per the growth value and the demand from the huge range of customers, building Uber for Laundry will be a right idea for the entrepreneur who wants to start a timely business to reach their business goals on a weekly basis. 

Uber for Food 

Today most of the people are running out of time and they aren’t able to cook for themselves in a short time. This brought the on-demand food delivery business in the market, where the users can order and get it delivered right at their preferred doorstep. Annual growth of Uber for food will be 7.9% with a volume of $14,670m USD by the end of 2024.

Uber for Food delivery is applicable for the entrepreneur who wishes to launch a restaurant or owning a restaurant in the market. Chances for high profit with right Uber for X business model. 

Uber for Logistics

Uber for Logistics services are quite popular in the high populated countries, it simplifies the shifting of the goods from one place to another with real-time tracking feature. This also helps the industrialists to know about their package’s place and exact estimation time of arrival consistently. The market size is expected to grow by $17.22 bn USD dollars during the years between 2020-2024.

If you’re interested in exploring the places and logistics services, then Uber for Logistics is exactly for you. With the perfect in-built feature like tracking, payment, customization option you uplift the service and stand out in the market soon.

Uber for Healthcare 

Reaching doctors and getting an appointment in a busy hospital has always been a headache job. This issue has been covered by the Uber for healthcare, where the patients can bring their doctor or nurses directly to their home. This COVID-19 has increased the market size with a CAGR of 12.7% for booking/scheduling the medical support (doctor or nurse).

Focusing on this growth and offering stress-free bookings in the health sectors, Uber for healthcare will be the perfect platform for doctors to take care of their patients timely and manage their hospital regularly with real-time updates. 

Uber for Home services 

Since people are busy with their work schedule, many workers aren’t able to take care of their home and surroundings. This brings the high impact on the home services in Uber for X model. As the range of needs is high in the market, the growth of a CAGR of 49% by the end of 2021. 

By connecting the nearby people who are interested to do home services like cleaning, painting, gardening and many more with the customers via online app-based models, the service providers get the essential benefits easily. By increasing the sub categories of home services, you can boost the bookings and revenue in Uber for Home service business model. 

Uber for Alcohol 

Getting into a bar and finding free space to hangout is always tough during peak hours, and many of them won’t get comfort. Uber for Alcohol allows the customers to get their favourite alcohol delivered directly at their destination. Market survey expected that the online alcohol sales will be growing 5X to reach $13.4 bn by the end of 2024.

The high growth of the market value has brought Uber for alcohol with multiple metrics to make the customer’s bookings simple and effective. The entrepreneurs who are owning a physical alcohol store can now take their service to the customer’s doorstep shortly with multiple-route optimization features from the online platforms. 


There are many more business models that are suitable for Uber for X clone script but the above-mentioned have a high impact in the 2021 market. By choosing the best built Uber for X clone app that suits the services listed above, the launch of a cost-effective and smart on-demand service booking business quickly is an achievable one.

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