If you want to hangout with your girlfriend publicly in Erbil, you need to be careful. Someone may kill you.

Erbil, Iraq

A few weeks ago, an 18 year old boy was killed — shot and stabbed 4 times in his back. This was after he was seen hanging out with his girlfriend. The girl’s ex-boyfriend saw them, and he teased them.

The girl used to date this other boy,  and they had broken up. When one day he saw her with a new boy, he started teasing the couple in front of people.  The new boyfriend told him to stop, and some people said he punched the guy in the face.

The ex-boyfriend decided to take revenge. He called him the next day, suggesting that they clear things up and “become friends.”

The ex-boyfriend then brought four guys, all in their late 20s, and all with guns. The ex shot the boy 4 times, and also stabbed him 4 times. Then the 5 ran away.

As horrible and as obvious as it appears, the police have not arrested any of them, because their parents know people in the government. These incidents happen on a regular basis, and nobody talks about them, because if someone would speak out, the government would kill them. People cannot demonstrate, and they cannot express their opinion.

Another story happened to a girl I know who was hanging out with her boyfriend. She is 21, and she told us the story. They were having a barbecue, when a car full of guys stopped and took their phones and their money. They told the girl’s boyfriend to come back the next day with 1 million Iraqi dinars (which is around $800), and they could then get their phones. The boyfriend returned the next day with the money. The group of guys took the money, but did not return the phones.

This happens because there is no control from their families. These boys are from big and famous families, so they usually get away with it. Even the government does not interfere with them, and there is no requirement for a gun license.

This chaos also occurs because people and these tribes don’t respect the law. Actually, they don’t consider that there is a law, because they control everything. These tribes are usually very rich, so if someone wants to mess with them, they send someone to kill that person.

The news media portrays the Kurdish region as very liberal, but that is not the truth. There is so much happening that nobody dares to talk about.

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