Kurdish youth react to Turkish invasion of Rojava

(Sulimaniyah, Iraq)    Late on Sunday, October 6th, US President Trump announced that he would give Turkey’s President Erdogan approval to take over the autonomous Kurdish region of “Rojava” in northeastern Syria. On October 9th, Erdogan began his brutal invasion and takeover of Rojava.

That abrupt decision was not expected from Trump and America, although there has always been a fear of this movement. The invasion has already killed many people, many now are displaced, homeless, and many lost family members. Until now, no international or humanitarian movement has done anything to help, and nobody knows what’s going to happen.

Protestors in Kurdistan, Iraq ask for peace for Rojava Kurds and ethnic minorities

Kurds in the Iraqi Kurdistan region responded with widespread demonstrations to protect and defend the Kurdish people in Northern Syria, since Kurds are in Iraq, Turkey, Iran, and Syria.  They began organizing demonstrations in front of the American and Turkish consulates in Erbil last Thursday.

Young Kurdish boys and girls around the world are also demonstrating, hoping for any international or local power to stop the invasion from Turkey.

In Sulimaniya, Kurdistan, widespread protests of Turkey’s brutal invasion of Rojava

Some young people say that Trump has the right to take back his soldiers. The US soldiers were originally supposed to stay for a shorter period (around two months), and they’ve stayed for three years. But President Trump’s decision was unexpected, and he took the the decision recklessly — the Kurds in Rojava did not know or prepare for Trump’s sudden unexpected decision, and he just announced it on a tweet. Many others say that Turkey’s invasion killed many civilians in the region, it’s like a “massacre,” and the US has the power and weapons to keep the area safe. Many civilians and youth now say that President Trump has betrayed them.

Kurdish reaction to the Turkish government is full of rage, with many youth calling President Erdogan a fascist in his actions with his own citizens and with neighboring countries, because he is killing many Kurdish people. Kurdish youth have started boycotting Turkey in every possible way — from trading and traveling, to even Turkish books, clothes, food, and every possible thing that is produced by Turkey.

Jihan Ghazouani, a Moroccan student who is researching ethnic cleansing, said that “The Turkish government is not considering the things happening to Kurds, it’s more about ethnic cleansing.”

The problem is more severe than most people think. Some news outlets report that more than 100,000 citizens were displaced in just the past three days, and this news has ignited Kurdish youth against Erdogan and the Turkish government.

People of Kurdistan are in the streets to demonstrate

The reaction from Kurdish youth is intense now toward Turkey, as many Kurds in the region are now seeking to change the situation they are living in. But Kurdish youth are left disappointed since the governments of the world are not doing anything.

There are also many demonstrations in Jerusalem, Spain, Germany and elsewhere around the world, standing with the Kurds. The youth here in Sulimaniyah are seeking international help against the genocide being perpetrated against the Kurdish people in Rojava by the Turkish government. 

Kurds of all ages call for an end to the invasion and the bloodshed

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