Mon Laferte:
consummate artist with a message for the world

Mon Laferte is the singer-songwriter who protested with her body at the Latin Grammys ceremony on November 15. Her photo immediately hit the front cover of media around the world. 

Laferte undressed to send a message to the world about human rights abuses in Chile. She wrote about her body as a field, a territory undermined by patriarchy, especially in Latin America. 

She used her body to write about torture, rape and murder in Chile. All the cameras were on her.  Once on the red carpet, she undressed her chest, leaving naked both body and message. 

From what I’ve seen on YouTube and in reports about her, Mon Laferte is a consummate artist. Even when she is not trying to create art, as in her performances on her YouTube channel, the result is still pure art. While her goal is unmistakably to invite us into a concert, everything generated there is magic. 

One of the interviews I have seen was conducted in Mexico, where she resides. Mexico is a place that has given her wide opportunity to practice her profession. (Mexicans have very good taste, both musical and artistic.) In that interview, Mon said that she admires Violeta Parra for her position on Chile. Both of them are of Chilean origin, and Violeta Parra’s messages and avant garde artistic activities have been a model for Mon. About Chavela Vargas, Mon says that just like herself, Vargas had to go to Mexico to practice. Both have been very well received in the Aztec lands. 

Of course, today Mon Laferte fills every venue where she is presented, in Mexico and throughout the region. She began to be known in Mexico giving street presentations, and then promoting them through social media. The videos show people singing with her — all around her on sidewalks and avenues of the Mexican capital. 

Mon crosses borders of the different modern musical genres that are fashionable in the region. But she is multi-talented, experienced also with painting and writing poetry. 

What is clear is that Mon Laferte is a very conscious human being, who embodies the new era.

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