Newscoop Footnotes: September 11, 2018

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Some really important events not in the news much this week.

  • First, in Basra, Iraq, a week of violent protests over corruption, high unemployment, contaminated drinking water and lack of public services threatened to plunge the country once again into previous levels of instability. Some calm finally returned to the region on Sunday September 9th, but only after protestors had attacked nearly all government buildings and torched the Iranian Consulate. Iraq has been without a stable government since non-conclusive national elections were held 4 months ago.  And rival political blocs are serving somewhat as proxies for competing U.S. and Iranian efforts for influence in Iraq’s government. Basra is home to 70% of the country’s oil reserves.
  • And later this month, Trump will be presiding over the UN Security Council. The prospect is causing much anxiety for, uh, ….. just about everyone. After Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal last month, it’s expected that Trump will use this opportunity to launch more verbal attacks on Iran.

However, Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear accord has met with opposition from every other signatory to the deal, including those with a Security Council veto. So he’s not about to get much support in any kind of resolution. The International Atomic Energy Agency, tasked with monitoring Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal, continues to report that Iran is in full compliance.

  • And on Saturday, September 8th, Donald Trump announced that he was eliminating 25 million that had been earmarked for Jerusalem hospitals that serve Palestinians. The Palestinian foreign ministry called it an act of “direct aggression” against the Palestinian people, saying that it would lead to the death of thousands.
  • And human rights organizations and the United Nations continue to confront China on credible reports that it is holding one million ethnic Muslim Uighurs in the
  • Chinese province of Xinjiang, and forcing more than two million into “re-education and indoctrination” programs — simply on the basis of their ethnic and religious identity.
  • And finally, America’s answer to mass internment. In 17 states across America, many of those incarcerated in prisons just held a massive two-week strike, including sit-ins and work-slowdowns. Among their list of grievances, they were protesting prison violence and work without pay. They also demanded greater rehabilitation services and the right to vote in their country’s elections.

This has been the latest edition of Newscoop’s Footnotes – important events getting too little attention. We’ll be back next week with more.


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