One-sided reality: Palestinians viewed through a German media lens

Berlin has the largest community of Palestinians who are living in the European Union (30,000). Many of them use German media channels for information about Palestine.

“When it comes to getting informed about Palestine, I first of all, use my mobile phone,” explains Junis, a Palestinian student in Berlin. “I know I must pay attention, because one should take German media sources about Palestine with a grain of salt. They are namely one-sided. What is missing […] is the Palestinian side.”

Additionally, the German government came under attack in March 2019, regarding the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Movement —
a Palestinian-led campaign that promotes boycotts against Israel until it meets what it says are its obligations under international law. 

This video was created by Bruna De Cristofaro, Nana Dolidze, Antonia Novak*

*students at Newscoop partner Freie Universität Berlin – Institute for Media and Communication Studies

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