Polarized Poland: how media contributes to social fragmentation

The noose is slowly but surely tightening around free media in Poland. In October 2019, the ruling party Law and Justice (Pis) proposed a regulatory framework for journalism.

President of the European Federation of Journalists, Mogens Blicher Bjerregård, warned: “I strongly recommend the Polish government and the political parties to refrain from any attempt to regulate media, but accept that media should be free, critical, investigative and have full access to information.”

Following the take-over from the populist right-wing party Law and Justice (Pis) in Poland, public media has been brought under government control. A lack of solidarity among Polish journalists further fuels polarisation in media and society, undermining independent journalism.

This video was created by Barbara Frencer, Szymon Stepniak*

*students at Newscoop partner Freie Universität Berlin – Institute for Media and Communication Studies

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