Politics on the Wave of Comedy

In the last few years, TV series in which the authors mock politicians and leaders of the country are becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine.

The reason for such popularity was the fact that three years ago any TV shows and films of Russian origin were banned in Ukraine. So, Ukrainian filmmakers began to produce new content for the Ukrainian viewer, shooting various TV shows and films, including on political topics.

At the moment, the top political series in Ukraine is the series “Servant of the People” and “Servant of the People 2,” produced by “Studio Kvartal-95” — a creative association that implements show projects and entertainment programs in the Russian and Ukrainian languages.

The screenwriters of the series skillfully tell the story of a simple history teacher who had the chance to become president of Ukraine. This former teacher struggles with corruption, deception and other negative phenomena in politics. Does he overcome obstacles and build a new state? Or does he experience failure after failure?

Despite the fact that the series has taken first place in the ratings, it also received plenty of criticism. It’s been accused of anti-Ukrainian content, with some of the representatives of the cultural figures of Ukraine considering the series Ukrainophobic. All of their criticism, however, is based on the fact that the main characters of the series speak Russian, and ugly pictures of politics are shown. 

But can the tale of a good president, which Ukrainians have watched on television, become a reality?

After successfully releasing two seasons of “The Servant of the People” series, “Studio Quarter 95” decided to go a lot further. Perhaps now the next seasons will be shot in real life.

How is this possible? 

It’s simple. Vladimir Zelensky, director of the studio and the main actor of the series, decided to cast himself in the role of a real president, and there are now Internet rumors that Vladimir will launch his candidacy.

During his next speech, he said, “I am a professional lawyer and this is a plus. But I have never dealt with politics and this is a huge plus …”

Discussing the news, the society was divided into two camps. Some believe that Zelensky will become the long-awaited president of the people and will seriously engage in socio-economic reforms.

Others believe there is no place for a comedian as president. That he will not be able to govern the country. And that the lives of millions of Ukrainians can turn into a political series — and this is not funny at all.

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