Preparations begin for 2019 Mara River Day celebrations in Tanzania

Tanzanian and Kenyan journalists covering the first Mara Day celebrations held in Mugumu town , Serengeti District in Tanzania September 15, 2013

Tanzania will host the next Mara River Day celebrations this September.

Held on September 15th each year, Mara River Day incorporates a different theme each year to campaign for sustainable conservation of the Mara River Basin. The celebration makes a significant contribution to conservation efforts.

The event is hosted on a rotational basis by Tanzania and Kenya. Last year it was held in Bometi, Kenya. This year, the celebration will be held in Tanzania’s wildlife-rich district of Serengeti, in the Mara Region.

From Serengeti District Commissioner, Nurdin Babu, on Friday: “ We have started meeting to discuss necessary preparations for this important day (Mara River Day). Our next meeting will be on August 13.”

The Mara River forms an integral part of the Serengeti -Mara ecosystem. The river starts in the Mau forests on the Kenyan side, and then flows through the Masai Mara Game Reserves and Serengeti National Park before emptying into Lake Victoria in Tanzania.

Besides supporting wildlife conservation, the Mara River Basin is a source of livelihood for about 1.1 million Tanzanians and Kenyans.

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