Rapper Pablo Hásel vs. the Spanish monarchy

By May 15, 2021, rapper Pablo Hásel had served the first three months of his sentence at the Penitentiary Center in Lleída, Catalonia, Spain.

A group of several hundred people demonstrated in the center of the city and then went to the penitentiary (Penitentiary Center in Lleída) where Hásel was being held. One month earlier, on April 11, the national court added an additional year and a half in jail for Hásel after he declared himself unable to pay the 30,000 euro fine accompanying the sentence.

Recall that the prison sentence was, according to El País, for the cause of exalting terrorism and insults to the crown.  In the lyrics of Hásel’s songs, the singer makes a series of complaints about what, in his opinion, is the corruption of the monarchy in Spain, and also all kinds of political power.

The rapper’s imprisonment has caused an avalanche of protests, not only in Catalonia but also throughout Spain, that for weeks have led to riots and confrontation with the police.

It seems that the hip-hop community will have to wait for Hásel’s entire sentence to be fulfilled, since there are no signs of an early release from prison or some other resolution. The situation aggravates the image not only of Spain, but also of course, of the European Union. Because … who’s afraid of art? Who should fear a rapper?