Sanitation: what Ghana longs for

Everybody talks about sanitation in Ghana. The people, the government, everybody. The question is:  Is anyone doing anything about it?

Sanitation is a major problem that Ghana faces.  Other countries have found ways to curb their rate of pollution, so why can’t we do the same? Instead of always asking for help, why don’t we learn from them, and try to do things on our own. Be really independent.

When I went to the States for the first time, I was impressed by the neatly trimmed grass and lack of rubbish anywhere. I am almost certain that there are parts of the US that are not squeaky clean, but Americans have managed to keep the majority of their country clean. They do not have rubbish loitering the streets and the gutters.

Ghana recycles only two percent of her plastic waste. I believe we can do much better than that. We should not leave it all to the government.

Ghana is our country. We need to own her and love her. Let’s keep her clean.


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