Save Costa Rica’s Loma Salitral

The Loma Salitral in Costa Rica is a protected forest area of ​​507 hectares located in the middle of a densely populated area in the canton of Desamparados, a short distance south of the center of the capital of San José.  It currently suffers from great legal fragility and tremendous pressure from encroachment of the urban border that threatens to devastate it. For decades, environmentalists have fought for protective measures to preserve it. 

Costa Ricans are petitioning their government to stop development of the protected forest

Still, after a fight that has taken eight years, the Ministry of Environment (the “Minae”) has this month now erected a sign indicating that they have proceeding in issuing the building permit. This ecosystem is the last of its kind in an area with problems of super population. The neighbors request that a plebiscite be called to properly and fairly determine the fate of the preserve.

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