Abuse. Defilement. Rape. These are things that people do not want to talk about. They always shy away from these topics because it makes them uncomfortable. People don’t like to be uncomfortable.

I think that is enough. If we don’t talk about these things, who will? Young girls, women and even men are being abused in these ways, and not enough attention is being paid to them. We need to speak up about these things. Little girls are being defiled by their fathers, uncles and cousins. It is often those closest to them who harm them, and the girls are afraid to speak up.

Some are afraid to speak up for fear of causing enmity in their family. Others have been threatened by the people who have abused them, and so they stay in silent fear. We need to protect these victims. We need to defend them.

But a mother threatened to kill her daughter if her father who had defiled her was sent to jail. Another mother told her daughter to be silent about her defilement, because she was afraid her husband — who defiled her daughter — would divorce her. No one wants to get involved in these cases.

These people need to be defended by us, since their own families are the ones who are hurting them. We need to open up and listen to them. The traumatic experience will otherwise be unbearable for them.

We need to stand up for them. Some of us see these things, but don’t talk about them. These girls and boys are hurting badly, and it is up to us defend them.

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