Syrian refugees misrepresented in Lebanese media

Lebanese media is under the control of politicians, an investigation by the Media Ownership Monitor has found. One result is that politicians have been using different news outlets to orchestrate a xenophobic campaign against Syrian refugees. Refugees have served as a scapegoat for problems in Lebanon.

Syrian refugees are being oppressed, and any attempt at integrating them is being prevented. Even when they receive a residency permit, they are only allowed to work as farmers, cleaners and construction workers.

The rise of social media has provided a source of information for Lebanese citizens that counters government news. But Reporters Without Borders warn that free media in Lebanon remains under attack.

This video was created by Elias Fischer, Isabell Kühnel, Jannik Meyenburg.*

*students at Newscoop partner Freie Universität Berlin – Institute for Media and Communication Studies

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