The deaf community deserves better

Finding balance is the most important thing in the search for a healthy life. The fact that we do not understand everyone is the hardest thing in finding a balance, though every single person on earth deserves a really good and supportive environment. Including those in the deaf community.

These days, technology is more developed than ever before. We can order food without going to a restaurant, we can grocery shop without going to supermarket, and there are lots of things to enjoy without even leaving bed. Everyone deserves those advantages without experiencing difficulties. But truth be told, those in the deaf community have to face a lot of difficulties on a daily basis.

The first example is on public transportation. We should be grateful for some states that already have running text on their public transportation, and we need to push more on another states. For example, in Indonesia. I interviewed a deaf girl who uses the KRL Commuter Line, and she said that she finds it hard to adjust because there is no text when the train arrives at the station — not like in Singapore. And there were also cases about a ride driver refusing to drive a deaf passenger.

Another example is with entertainment. People who hear can enjoy things such as movies, songs and dance. But those in the deaf community need more help to enjoy those things. When they go to movies, they can’t enjoy it because there are no subtitles. In Indonesia, they only can watch foreign movies that have subtitles — but for local movies, they can’t watch it properly.

We should care more about each other’s life. We don’t have any right to restrict theirs. Every person on earth — without exception — deserves a good life.

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