President Bernie Sanders:
not this time

This week, Senator Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race for US president. It now appears that Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee.

Sanders began the journey strong, and he truly seemed poised to become the Democratic nominee. This leaves a lot of questions, which at this moment are hard to answer. COVID-19 has struck our nation hard, and it seems to be something of a game-changer in the 2020 election. Did it make a difference to Bernie’s candidacy?

During the 2016 campaign, very few knew of Bernie Sanders. He was an Independent, which led to very few knowing much about him (or at least not knowing enough about him to give him their support).

However, this would change. As the 2016 campaign went on, many began to like him — a lot — and he presented a huge challenge to Hillary Clinton. The 2020 campaign seemed like new hope for Bernie, as he captured more and more support. But then…this started to die off.

Many liked former President Barack Obama, and Joe Biden was his vice president. Put two and two together, and they liked Biden. Biden began taking control of the polls. Even though he didn’t have young voters as Sanders did, it was enough. Biden started to win states, finally gaining very heavy support. Ultimately, he had an electoral advantage that Senator Sanders could not overcome.

Question: More than almost any other candidate in recent memory, Bernie Sanders is undeniably a champion of the people. He has fought for decades for basic protections and services for them. Why has much of the American population still not embraced him?

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