Fighting Pride of the Yazidis

Yurik Mamedov, known as The Fighting Pride of the Yazidis, is a boxing champion who was born in Russia, raised in France, and has lived in the United States since 2012. He speaks Kurdish (Kurmanji dialect), as well as English, French and Russian. 

Yurik is a great example of a celebrity who leverages his fame and his many followers on social media for an important cause. Besides his multiple boxing titles,  which include WBA FED champion and USBF champion, he also has a clothing brand and an organization — both under the name of “Don’t be Sorry be Careful.” 

Yuik Mamedov leverages his success for Yazidi causes.

The aim of his streetwear and sportswear brand is primarily a humanitarian one. Part of the clothing brand’s profits goes to Yazidi women who were held captive by ISIS. He and Candice Carella, along with “From the Heart Productions,” co-produced a short non-profit film about the young girls and women who were held captive, abused and sold by ISIS in August 2014. 

On August 3rd, 2014, the group calling themselves the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria attacked Sinjar in Iraq, and more than 40,000 Yazidis, along with other locals, were trapped at Mount Sinjar with no source of food or water. More than 10,000 Yazidis were executed during those days. Many girls and women were held captive and forced to become sex slaves for ISIS members. Others were sold and sent to different countries around the world, including Syria, Egypt, Saudia Arabia and Turkey. Most of the girls and women were raped multiple times, which has left them mentally and emotionally injured. Some of the victims are still missing.

The Yazidis are an ethno-religious group located mainly in the Sinjar-Ninavah district of Iraq, as well as in Turkey, Syria, Armenia and in Georgia. There is also a large Yazidi diaspora community in Germany. Their monotheistic faith  is considered the oldest Mesopotamian religion in existence today. Since the 18th century, Yazidis have been subject to persecution and genocide at the hands of the Ottomans, Saddam Hussein, and other Islamic groups who sought the arabisation of the region. Most recently, Yazidis were targeted by ISIS, largely because of their refusal to convert to Islam.

Far beyond his boxing titles, Yurik Mamedov’s humanitarian work makes him a true champion. Show support for him — and especially for the Yezidi girls and women he is helping —  by buying from his clothing brand. And support him by following his social media pages, here below. 



DBSBC (clothing brand) website:

DBSBC (organization) Instagram page:

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