The Luckless Kurds

When we are born, death whispers our names. Darkness fills our nerves and veins, while shame and bad luck crawl under our skin. All rights are taken from us, and humanity sneaks back into its shell. The world places its head under a pillow to freeze out the fact of the Kurds being burned alive, buried alive and butchered alive — the world shuts its eyes to the women braiding their grief away, the men smoking their loss away, and the kids crying their throes and starvation away. 

The horror our kids experience is heartbreaking. Instead of lai-la-ia, our kids fall asleep to the dreadful sound of gunshots targeting the men and women who were supposed to sing them the lai-la-ia. Our women take bullets alongside the men, taking them as fiercely as any mother would for her child.

The unfortunate events our young bloods stumble through are like training camps built to prepare them for the hell after death. No mercy will be left for our young girls when our enemies get their hands on them. They are taken advantage of as if they are property for sale.

As our kids grow up, they learn to throw rocks before they learn to hold pencils. They learn to defend before they learn to fight. Wolves come running after our kids before they learn to crawl. We become slaves before we learn to walk. We tell lies before we can talk. We learn not to think before we can think. We suffer before we die. 

Kurds do not get to live life; they do not get to plan. Nor do they get opportunities, or have a say in it all. The only right and opportunity Kurds are given is that of surviving. Surviving the hell they grow old in, the misfortunes thrown at them, and the bone-breaking, rocky road they walk to an unknown destination. Surviving, not living … surviving.

Despite all of this, Kurds somehow find life within the hell around them. Kurds are born with passion and eagerness. Regardless of all the loss and violence they witness in their everyday life, they do not dare to be without hope. Their eagerness and love for life are the key elements moving them forward and drawing them into wars with those who wish nothing but raw death upon them.

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