Transnational activism in Syria

The 9-year-long Syrian civil war in has, to date, killed at least 400,000 people. Activists in the region are considered brokers between global citizen journalists and transnational mainstream media.

Professor Donatella Della Ratta, co-founder of Syria Untold, explains: “I’m afraid since the uprising of 2011, the regimes in the area have made sure that it’s no longer possible to host any activist initiative in the region, for the time being. Because they are afraid. They saw the effort of digital activism, they saw the power of digital activism combined of course with traditional activism underground. So they have implemented a lot of security measures […].” But activists remain an important voice for Syrian citizens.

This video was created by Annika Grosser, Idil Sakar, Kim Winter.*

*students at Newscoop partner Freie Universität Berlin – Institute for Media and Communication Studies

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