Ukraine: Facebook replaces parliament

When it comes to political discourse, the rise of social media has created an interesting phenomenon. In more liberal countries where freedom of opinion and press are allowed, Facebook is used primarily to socialise. In more oppressive countries, the social platform has become an important tool for citizens to exchange news and organise politically.

Appolline Simons, a student at Free University of Berlin, states: “I come from France and Germany. Usually I use Facebook to know what my friends are doing and what is happening around me.”

In contrast to that, Freija Poot explains: “Facebook users from Western countries primarily see this platform as a source for entertainment and an informal communication tool, while for Ukrainians Facebook is much more about political activism and professional communication.”

This video was created by Polina Zavadska, Freija Poot*

*students at Newscoop partner Freie Universität Berlin – Institute for Media and Communication Studies

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