Vapes banned in India after increase in US deaths and lung disease

On September 18, the Indian government banned vaping products after the number of vaping-related deaths in the US increased. Vapes and e-cigarettes will no longer be produced in India.

Vaping is the act of inhaling a combination of nicotine, water, solvents and different flavours. While vapes are known to include fewer chemicals then traditional cigarettes, according to The Guardian, the chemical compounds in vapes could still be a threat.

A number of studies on the negative impact of vape consumption have been released, which contributed to India banning vapes and e-cigarettes.

According to the BBC article published on September 18, vaping is generally preferred by individuals who are trying to quit smoking, as  vaping is widely promoted as an alternative to cigarettes. For that reason, vaping had been on the rise worldwide, while the number of smokers has been declining.

However, as also reported by The Guardian, after “vaping-linked deaths” began to increase in the US, concerns have also increased. There have now been six deaths associated with the use of vape pens, and 450 individuals admitted to the hospital with lung disease.

While the controversy around vaping grew, the Indian government decided to end all use of vape products. Finance Minister Sitharaman told BBC that “an executive order had been approved banning vaping products.” India has taking dramatic action in its attempt to decrease the number of vape users, announcing that any offenders would be sent to jail for up to three years.

While vapes and e-cigarettes have been seen as containing fewer chemicals than traditional tobacco, studies have now shown that the vape chemicals are nonetheless involved in chemical reactions which produce yet other chemical compounds. These findings have created confusion for vapers around the world.

The Indian government has decided not to wait for clarity, proceeding with a ban on all vape products.


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