We Are All Rojava

As most of us now know, the Turkish government began airstrikes against Kurdish areas in the Rojava region of northeastern Syria in early October. As a result, many people there were killed, injured or displaced. 

On October 15th, a campaign was held in the city of Sulymanih, in Iraqi Kurdistan (also known as Bashur). It was a way of expressing solidarity with the Kurds in Rojava, given what was happening to them. The Kurdsat broadcasting channel, along with many local and global NGOs, started a campaign under the name “We Are All Rojava.”  The campaign lasted until October 19th, with people donating clothes, money, baby toys and many different needs for the displaced Rojava people. 

The Kurdsat channel continued to cover the event on a daily basis, and all segments of the Bashur community participated. Children brought their own toys and gave them to the campaign, and some families donated their personal paycheck. Almost all religious minorities in Bashur contributed — including the Yazidi community, which donated almost 2 million Iraqi dinars. 

It was a truly beautiful humanitarian campaign, because it brought all the people together in an effort to make the Rojava people feel loved and secure.

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