What’s happening in Chile right now

If I had to say something about the events right now in Chile, it would be this.

First, there is a debate on ecological self-sustainability. The media have been reporting on the possible privatization of water, for example. There are serious problems of desertification, plus intensive mineral mining. The per capita index is 20,000 dollars, as well as an average monthly salary of 300/400 dollars.

Chileans have endeavored to make a country with large and beautiful cities, with nature to admire. In that sense, Chileans want something else, and they are rejecting these public policies. They have said “No more!”

Second, the Carabineros (the Chilean national police force) leave much to be desired and much to criticize from the perspective of human rights (always transversal, integral, inseparable, total). What we have seen these last two weeks has been atrocious in its physical brutality. It makes you ask: who did the Chileans vote for? So we vote, and then they violate us. What then is democracy?

Now, it seems there is a monopoly on one of the minerals they extract, without any mercy for Mother Earth. Revenues from the copper extraction industry are used primarily to maintain the armed forces (including most probably the Carabineros) — which was stipulated by Pinochet, the dictator tried for crimes against humanity by international courts. Chileans have voted for the last 30 years since the dictatorship to try to correct what happened during those dark years.

Today is another story. Another moment. Today, as they proclaim it on the streets, Chileans are aware. They understand democracy better by asking, with at least 20 dead, for a new constitution, and for the Chilean President Sebastian Piñera to be removed and tried by the international courts. 

While in the social networks, everyone is asking each day: Where are the UN and human rights organizations?

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