Women in Cryptocurrency: You are needed!

Women are vastly underrepresented in the technology industry. In fact, within the bitcoin tech community, men represent more than 91% of those involved. Slowly, more and more women are growing interested in the field.

For many mums, the cryptocurrency community gives them flexibility for their work in contrast to other industries since “it’s a global market. It’s 24 hours. So after the kids go to bed, you can get on your computer.” Cryptomums is an online forum with a membership of 50,000, that offers women the opportunity to educate themselves about cryptocurrency.

Five Reasons the Cryptocurrency Community Needs Women

Entrepreneur and data scientist Sarah Austin outlines reasons why women are desperately needed in the cryptocurrency community:

  1. 1. Communication: Without the intention to generalise, women often outshine their male counterparts in communication skills such as reading body language, listening, and displaying empathy. Women can help clarify the confusion surrounding cryptocurrency, and help the public to understand it better.

2. Community-Building: With community being a core aspect of the cryptocurrency network, women’s skills at fostering connections are vital for its advancement.

3. Social Media: According to researcher Bridget Brennan, women’s focus on connections and relations contributes to growing industries. Social media are important platforms to increase cryptocurrency popularity among the wider public.

4. Gender Equality: As with every other industry, gender equality would provide equal opportunities to women and men alike, helping to create a better balance.

Meet some of the Women Leading the Cryptocurrency Revolution

Joyce Kim

Joyce Kim

Image Source: sparkchaincapital.com

Joyce works as Executive Director at Stellar Lumens (Stellar.org). She especially sees the potential for blockchain to wipe out global inequality and empower people. She has presented on cryptocurrency platforms for banks, governmental organizations and the UN.

Perianne Boring

Perianne Boring

Image source: digitalchamber.org

Perianne founded the Digital Chamber of Commerce, advocating for blockchain “at the intersection of innovation, investment and policy”. She regularly writes for Forbes under her column “The Beauty of the Blockchain.” She is considered by CoinDesk to be one of the “10 Most Influential People in Blockchain 2016”, because of her accomplishments in public policy.

Amber Ballet

Amber Baldet

Image Source: Fortune.com

Amber is the executive director of JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence. Named one of the “most influential in Blockchain 2017” by Coindesk, she is considered an advocate to make cryptocurrency more accessible to the mainstream by bridging the gap between the cryptocurrency community and global banks. She speaks out for the benefits of open-source while underlining the importance of digital privacy.

Jinglan Wang

Jinglan Wang

Image Source: twitter.com

Jinglan is the executive director of Blockchain Educational Network which targets students to make blockchain culture more common at universities. Its cross-campus initiative connected 1,200 members across 270 schools in more than 50 countries last year through competitions and activities.

Jen Greyson

Jen Greyson

Image Source: Neureal.net

As the CEO of Powered by Neureal Jennifer her work focuses on empowering women, global issues, and educating about regulating. With her project she tackles artificial intelligence, big data, and cryptocurrency. Regarding Neureal’s impact she stated: “We are giving everyone the ability to matter, to make a difference in the world on a grand scale. Users will be able to predict anything they’re passionate about, from hurricane paths to the extinction of a species to climate change to medical advances. And, of course… Bitcoin prices.”

These are just some of the women advancing the cryptocurrency community. However, far more women are needed. Perianne Boring has called on all women to join the blockchain community: “For all of the women out there who have either wanted to enter this industry, who want to build in the blockchain ecosystem, who have faced misogyny or criticism, or have been trolled on social media, or made to feel like they weren’t smart enough or good enough for any reason, you can do this.” 

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