About Us
May 28, 2024

Who We Are

Newscoop is an independent hub of alternative global media. We provide a home for a collective of citizen reporters, early-stage journalists and journalism students around the world who are contributing the news of their towns, their regions, their countries and cultures. They also often collaborate.


Founded in 2007 out of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government as an educational venture, Newscoop began by working with schools around the world to develop a culture of journalism in places rarely given much voice in the Western press. A Bedouin school in the Negev, the Tibetan Children’s Village schools in Dharamsala, and schools in Hyderabad, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Dar es Salaam and Skopje. We also partnered with journalism departments at dozens of universities in the Middle East and across Europe, with a particular focus on areas of conflict. 


We’ve now brought our educational efforts online to expand and integrate our network and our community of independent news media providers. In the current geopolitical climate, independent news outlets seem to be the only ones delivering comprehensive, courageous and trustworthy news. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to broaden the information horizon of readers by providing accurate and powerful reports from around the world, of a sort rarely seen in the Western media. The Yezidis, Bedouins, Tibetans and Kurds all have a home at Newscoop. 


We do our best to ensure that the stories we publish are based on personal experience or simply on verifiable facts. Full facts.


And we believe in the power of the press to inform, educate, and inspire positive change, all of which are most successfully accomplished when the press is not controlled or unduly influenced by corporate owners and advertisers or political interests and concerns.

What Newscoop Offers

  • Diverse perspectives: We value diverse viewpoints on critical issues, often from those who are living it. Our platform features contributions from a wide range of voices that are not afraid to offer strong opinions. Those opinions are not always politically correct. In general, the community embraces diversity of history, style, experience and perspective, while avoiding moral equivalencies. 
  • Community ethos: Newscoop is more than just a news outlet; we are a global community news hub. We highlight local stories and events, give voice to the unique experiences and concerns of our global contributors, and offer writing and reporting mentoring as needed. 
  • First-hand reporting: An opportunity for local eyewitnesses and news outlets to speak for themselves.
  • Follow developments: When the mainstream press loses interest in an event or  public issue somewhere in the world, follow developments in human rights, conflict, climate and more — on the ground. 
  •  In-depth analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of many of the world’s critical issues, with eyewitness reports and investigative pieces from first-rate independent news outlets that provide context and clarity, helping readers navigate complex topics and see connections between seemingly disparate events and trends around the world.
  • Authentic video reporting: Authenticated footage, non AI-generated and seen nowhere in mainstream media streams.

Our Values

  • Integrity: We hold fast to principles of honest and comprehensive journalism. Our commitment to truth and transparency is resolute, even when (and maybe especially when) it’s uncomfortable.
  • Equity: Every person matters, from one side of the Earth to the other.
  • Protect: We’re not shy about boosting the stories of weaker individuals and populations, letting the world know of their struggles. Giving them voice is the best kind of advocacy for a radical change of perspective and policy in our societies.


Do join us. Read and comment, and contribute to the discussion. 


Welcome to Newscoop! 



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