June 28, 2023
Ahmad Nisar
(Kabul, Afghanistan)

For years Afghans have been seeking refuge from war and instability, fleeing to neighboring countries like Pakistan and Iran. But recently, the Taliban shut the water dams that originated in Afghanistan and sent water to Iran, asking for petrol in exchange for water. Now political tensions over the water dams are heating up between Iran and Afghanistan, and conditions are getting more critical for Afghan refugees residing in Iran. 

In response to this, the Iranian government is refusing to extend visas of Afghan refugees, and those without legal documentation are forcefully arrested and deported. Similarly, the attitude of everyday Iranians is taking on a hostile color, and the notion of expelling Afghans from the country is growing more powerful. 

The public, especially refugees, should never be involved in political matters or be used as a political tool. With hatred against Afghans growing, there’s a strong need for intergovernmental cooperation to settle the dispute as soon as possible.  


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