April 18, 2022
Heidi Venegas
(San José, Costa Rica)

The clay-colored thrush (turdus grayi) is a common Middle American bird of the thrush family (Turdidae). It is the national bird of Costa Rica, where it is well known as the Yigüirro (Spanish: [ʝi'ɣwiro]). It is also commonly known as the clay-colored robin.

The Yigüirro ranges from South Texas, where it is rapidly expanding its range, to northern Colombia.

In Costa Rica, the Yigüirro sing during the month of April, just before the rains start. This is why people say they are calling the rain.

This is a small tribute today to celebrate our Mother Earth. To give thanks, three times, for all that she gives us.

Video credit: @MulatiArte

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