ICYMI: Why Are We Ignoring The Genocide in Sudan?
June 13, 2024
Mehdi Hasan
Washington, USA

More than 14,000 people dead, more than 8 million people displaced, yet Sudan is rarely mentioned in our media headlines. Well, Zeteo made sure it got attention this week, on ‘Mehdi Unfiltered’.


“Innocent civilians are being caught in the middle as a civil war has turned proxy war has turned genocidal war,” explained Mehdi. Joining him on the show was award-winning British-Sudanese journalist Nesrine Malik, who outlined how the lack of information from the ground is preventing global coverage, “we don't have enough images, we don't have enough footage, and we don't have enough of galvanizing information that could really attract people's eyeballs and attention.”


Watch the important segment on Zeteo

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Edoardo Tagliati

IMF and World Bank should erase Sudan debts, so that the country can have a reset and new life

4 weeks ago
Luca Mazzacane

That's facts at 100%

4 weeks ago
Ivan Petrov

Because there's no profit interest

4 weeks ago