December 19, 2022
Farhad Barakat
(Sinjar, Iraq)

Hello everyone, my name is Farhad Barakat, Yezidi activist, translator and interpreter from Sinjar in the north of Iraq. Today is a special day for the Yezidi people, because it's the Yezidi Feast. 


After 3 days of fasting with the Yezidi people, which occurs in the middle of December every year, today was the fourth day, after three days of fasting. The Yezidi people believe that these days are the coldest and shortest days in the year. That's why the Yezidi people have been doing this feast for a thousand years, which has a big importance for the Yezidi people. 


Now I am in Shingal, in Sinjar city, as the Yezidi people have been celebrating this day. Thank you so much.

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